Jelgava city

Jelgava is a rather old city. First time mentioned in 1264. The city is built on the banks of the river Lielupe (meaning big river) which is build up on a large system of rivers and ending in Jurmala next to the Riga bay.

The city is in fast development. All the time we see new initiatives and the industry seems to be much funned about this city. It might be because Jelgava is one of the main connections between Riga and Lithuania.

Jelgava is in many ways attractive. Only 45 minutes from Riga by car, micro bus or train. During the summer time there is nothing better that to sit in one of the many parks and enjoy the sun. Should you be interested in some real farmer products, then take a shopping trip to the market. Only the best is sold here and you can be sure that none of the product has been exposed to any chemicals like in the rest of Europe.

The river is a fantastic view all year round and you can find plenty of historical buildings here. E.g. the castle built on an island in the river which now serves as a university. More about that here.