Rundale Castle

Not far from the town Bauska you can find this beautiful castle dating back from 1736. The castle served as summer residence for Duke Ernst Johann Biron (who also had the Castle in Jelgava) from 1768.

During the Soviet occupation the castle was used partly as school and partly as grain storage. Such activity has naturally damaged the castle, but restoration work is ongoing to get the pride of the past shiny again. Some places in the ceiling have been left for future visitors to see how the castle looked after the Soviet misuse. A close look to the photo on the left and you will see a beautiful painted ceiling, but also a little black square in the top of the photo. Just imagine that the whole ceiling was like that!

The castle has an unbelievable number of rooms – all very impressive. Everything from toilets to bedrooms is viewable for the public.

The garden surrounding the castle is being recreated at the moment (summer 2006) to its original shape.