Limbazi is situated about 2 hours drive north of Riga. This beautiful little town with 9000 citizens has a long and interesting history, but usual we will not go into too many details.

Even tough Limbazi is not facing the Baltic Sea directly is used to be a harbour city with the rather big lake connected to the Baltic Sea via the river Svetupe. However, in the 16th century the river silted up and it was no long suitable for use. Today the lake is used for all sorts of boat sports.

On some of the photos below you can see the remains of the castle which were built in 1223 by Bishop Albert.

Today Limbazi is consider being a little town in Latvia, but in 1385 Limbazi was the second largest city after Riga. Many things have happened since then.

Most of the photos below are from the charming old part of Limbazi with wooden houses. Of course Limbazi also have a more modern part, but we didn’t find that so interesting.