About 350 million years ago Ireland were placed around equator. A lot of things have happened since then and now Ireland is placed in a much colder environment.

The history of Ireland is very long and it would be too much to go into too many details here. However, we would like to mention a few highlights on the timeline.

The first trace of human beings in Ireland comes from 9,500 years ago. About that time Ireland were directly connected to what we know as Scotland and were covered by dense woodland dominated by oak and elm. About 5,700 years ago the first farmers came and started to clear woods to plant cereals.

In the period up till year 0 a lot of those tombs and other monuments which we still can see in the Irish landscape were built.

In year 80 the Roman Empire is considering to attack Ireland, but the plans were never completed. Later on in year 367 the Irish attack the Roman Britain.

The first map of Ireland was drawn by the Greek geographer Ptolemy in year 150.

One of the huge personalities arrives in Ireland in year 432. The Pope sends St. Patrick who later on starts to build St. Patrick church in Armagh.

The first Vikings (Norwegians as Danish) arrived in Ireland in year 795 and only 200 years after the Irish kicked them out again.

The first signs of democracy started in year 1297 with the first gathering of the Irish parliament in Dublin. However, they were forbidden to meet by the English in year 1494.

The Black Death strikes in Ireland in year 1348. One third of the population dies within the next three years.

It is at the end of the 14th century that England gains power over Ireland and only in 1922 the Irish Republic is founded and the political map as we know it today is drawn.