To the memory of our dearly beloved cat, Mille

Our dearly beloved cat, Mille has passed away today 13th November 2004. She was 2½ of age.

Mille did experience many things during her short life. When she was 12 weeks old she moved in with us in our home in Denmark. Here spend the first 9 months mostly with Santa and those two were very close.

Soon it was very clear that we had to move to Latvia and Mille had to go through several vaccinations before she could travel to our new home. She took that experience very easy, until Jack and Mille had to fly to Latvia. The trip to the airport was not so bad but she was not excited about the plane. She had to spend many hours in her transportation box and she got a lot of attention during the travel, as not many cats are flying to Latvia.

As it often goes, then our apartment were not finish yet when we came to Latvia and we had to live with Santa’ parents for a short while. That period was a very mixed period for Mille. Santa’ parent already had an old male cat living with them, but did not care for anything or for anyone - not even Mille. Mille, on the other hand, has always been a little aggressive by nature and tried to establish some respect by beating the poor old cat.

Faith wanted it, that Mille had her first season in heat when she was living together with the male cat. To begin with, the old cat did not pay any attention to her and did not want to touch her, what so ever. As time went by he became more interested and everyone tried to keep them separated without success. On March the 18th 2003 she had 4 kittens.

After a short while our apartment was ready and Mille has to travel again. This time from the northern part of Latvia to the southern part. Again she had to settle down in new surrounding. Mille has always been funned by being out side and in her new home she often came out. However, at this new home there were living a lot of other cats without home and they did not accept her. Many hours she has spend in the trees and many times we had had to help her out of troubles.

She was very caretaking for her kittens. We had made a box for her where she could be with her kittens, but Mille did not think of that box as being a safe place. Jack has woken up many nights with 4 kittens under the duvet. A safe and warm place. Soon all 4 kittens were grown up and started to run around. It was a major task for Mille to keep an eye on all of them, feed them and keep them clean. But also this assignment she handled excellent, despite her age.

Towards Christmas 2003 were we had to move to Ireland and we were very sad when we had to conclude that we could not bring our cats (Mille and Puka) with us due to very strict rules. Both cats had to move back were Mille started in Latvia. However, the old male cat had passed away during the time.

That home was to become Mille’ last home. Fortunately Santa was in Latvia during the time and could take care of Mille. Mille became, few days before she passed away, very ill. The veterinary surgeon has not been able to tell the exact reason behind the sudden illness, but it might be either cat HIV or rat poison.

We have had many good hours with Mille. Mille have always had a part of our hearts - also in those periods where we were unable to be together with her. She has always been in out minds and she will always be. Forever - we will miss you.